We enable organizations to improve cyber risk management by adopting a business-driven, analytics-based approach using industry-leading frameworks. 

Cyber risk is foremost a business—not a technology—issue typically with oversight from the executive leadership team and the board.

However, many cyber security executives do not communicate or manage cyber risks in a manner that the business executives can easily relate to—or even find credible. Risk and cyber executives, therefore, need to adopt the mindset that cyber risk is better managed as one would a financial portfolio.

Our solution, CRPM™ (Cyber Risk Portfolio Management), enables cyber security executives to adopt a business-driven, analytical approach to identifying business threats, developing cyber analytics, quantifying cyber risks, and improving cyber resiliency...more information.

CRPM™ integrates industry-leading frameworks of The Open FAIR™ and The MITRE ATT&CK™to  bridge the gap between business-level cyber risks and technology-focused cyber capabilities.


CRPM™ Benefits

Cyber risk management enables the organization to understand and balance cyber risks in terms of business outcomes.

Cyber risk management addresses cyber threats and compliance and privacy—together to avoid silos.

Cyber risk management facilitates an organization-wide endeavor, not just at the team-level, for improved coordination.

Next Steps

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