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  • CRPM™ (Cyber Risk Portfolio Management) integrates industry-leading frameworks of The Open FAIR™ and The MITRE ATT&CK™to  bridge the gap between business-level cyber risks and technology-focused cyber capabilities.
  • Our team with deep domain skills and experience in the areas of cyber risk management, business threat modeling, cyber analytics and financial modeling will tailor the CRPM™ solution for your environment.
  • Key activities performed when implementing the CRPM™ solution:
      • Identifying specific asset types deemed critical to organization’s environment (industry, IP, geo-political, etc.) and prioritizing risk events by threat actors likely to target the organization.
      • Collating and verifying threat analytics based on existing as well as automated threat emulation exercises.
      • Developing cyber financial model to show the value at risk (VaR) and the cyber risk profile to inform and guide your investments.
  • CRPM™ is a flexible, light-weight solution that uses open-source software and does not require expensive software licensing agreements.
CRPM™ Benefits


► Develop credible loss exposure scenarios in terms of business impact and costs that are more easily explained and defended with the C-suite and the board.

► Provide better visibility, insights and options for managing cyber risks to business leaders.

► Improve cyber defensive posture based on realistic adversary and threat emulations.

► Optimize the ROI of cyber insurance, controls and technology investments using cyber analytics.

Next Steps

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